The mobile control-/ regulation device for series-applications
in the electromobility.

• Vehicle- and task-specific control- and regulation systems(ECU)
Central electronic control unit for hybrid- and electric vehicles (master)
Subsystem for specific functions (e.g. vehicle propulsion, traction battery, brake system)
• Interfaces to other electronic control units, operator panel and sensors
Restbus simulation for all relevant vehicle interfaces
• Integrated security functionalities
Driver information- and operating system (either master or subsystem)
  with CuroControl Mdx (radio/display)
• Individual functions to customer specifications
• Development and/or implementation of operating strategies
• Data recording and data processing in real time
  with CuroControl MSx (PC)
Service interface

…the powerful and efficient solution from a single source.

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CuroControl SRx
CuroControl SRx
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