Universal measurement data acquisition
for monitoring of processes and applications

- Generator to load, carry out, monitor and evaluate
  procedures and test sequences
- Real-time capable measurement data acquisition depending on hardware
- Measurement signals ascertainable, monitorable and storable
- Storing of all measured values and test procedures
- User-friendly configurable and parameterizable processes, even
  without programming skills

- Data export (ASCII, databases)
- Report generator as well as data/result export in Excel-readable formats
- Individual tests of test modules
- Creating and printing of reports and test protocols
- Expendable and constantly growing module library
- Graphic representation of all measurements on a monitor
- Graphic visualization of all test procedures
- Subsequent representation of a realised test
- Superimposing of several test procedures
- Fully automatic endurance testing per test object
- And many other standard features and options available or flexibly expandable

…the powerful and efficient solution from a single source.

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CuroControl M
CuroControl M
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