The scalable electric motor-/traction test bench with CuroControl®
for applications in the laboratory and test field including real data driving-simulation.

• Universal applicable for practices in the laboratory and test field
Component- and system test in control technology and test applications
• Transmission of real driving data from the road to the test bench
• Typical cycle time 1-100 kHz (measuring) and 4-8 kHz (controlling and regulating)
Real-time simulation for model integration and regulation
• Operation, control, regulation and program sequence with CuroControl®
User-friendly configurable and parameterizable processes, even
  without programming skills
Generator to load, carry out, monitor and evaluate
  procedures or test sequences
• Customer-specific configurable master data- and result administration
• Opportunity for remote maintenance/-diagnosis
• And many other standard-features available or flexibly expandable.

…for professional reproducing of measurement results.

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